Isotracer is a young and dynamic company. We focus on the analysis of stable isotopes of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen to estimate the fluxes of material. This includes following water in agroecosystems, detecting artificial vs natural compounds, evaluating the geographical traceability of agricultural products, and many more.


We analyse hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes in liquid and solid samples


Wehave an Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer hyphened with a Thermal Conversion Elemental Analyser with autosamplers for liquids and solids


We routinely analyze water samples from precipitation, water bodies, aquifers, leacheates; we routinely analyze solid samples such as fruits and vegetables

  • 26-28 July 2022


    Isotracer is one of the organizers of the second Workshop on
    isotope-based studies of water partitioning and plant-soil interactions



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